I believe that the greatest gift we can give ourselves in this lifetime is to learn to meditate. It is the best way i have found to tune back into your inner voice is, to regain your power, stability. Meditation allows you to tap into your inner wisdom anytime, so you can live your life from a truly authentic place. This is my favourite tool, I love watching peoples lives blossom when they introduce a regular meditation practise.

Meditation is being heavily researched at the moment and the findings are incredible, so many positive benefits including; Increased sense of peace, decreased stress, increased clarity of mind, increased sense of happiness, increased ability to concentrate, decreased anxiety, decreased depression and many many more.

I meditate everyday, it has completely changed my life. It allows me to find my balance, to stay in-touch with my wants and needs. It helps me remain compassionate yet honest as i interact with others who also have needs and wants of me. It brings me great clarity, joy and peace.


Hypnotherapy and meditation are closely linked, using hypnotherapy we can guide the subconcious to speak up, this is benefitial because the sub-concious is the part of us that really knows at a deep level what is need, and why we are blocking ourselves from it, and from our true happiness or contentment. The subconscious is a treasure trove of wisdom and through hypnotherapy, and meditation, we can access this wisdom. 

Transformational coaching

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and it is suppose to feel good. We live in a time of incredible opportunity, we have access to so many amazing things, more than anytime in history, yet so many of us are suffering. There is more stress, anxiety, lonelyness and depression than ever before, and it is on the increase. Though coaching i can assess the satisfaction levels in your life, so we can get a clear picture, of where you are and where you want to be. It will give us a map, a postcode to head to; it doesn't matter how much you spend on a sat nav, if you don't have a postcode to put in, you're going no-where.


Yoga is about finding your balance - To be able to relax the nervous system is incredibly benefitial for your health, it's anti ageing, and re-energising. We live in a very over stimulating city, and time in history, we are very rarely able to 'switch off' and 'reboot'.

Yoga offers amazing tools that help you relax, release and unwind. It helps with sleep, decision making, improves your memory, concentration, and increases your peace and happiness. I do yoga and meditation every morning as part of my wake up routine, it allows my day to flow.

“Amy's class is something special. She combines yoga with relaxation and meditation and this relieves stress and gives new energy.  An amazing experience for those who are finding life difficult to cope with.

She has changed my life.”

Lady P, 2019